About Us

About Us

We are the boomerang project. Together we reach out to over 4,500 schools and 15,000 educators who are all united in a single purpose: to make schools great, safe and connected places for kids to learn.

We house the internationally recognized high school and middle school transition programs, Link Crew and WEB. Built on the premise that students can help students succeed, we train educators to facilitate peer mentorship at their schools using leadership and group development methodologies. With these programs, educators are able to bring out the very best in their students as well as receive an excellent professional development experience.

While Link Crew and WEB do keep us busy, we are also in constant pursuit of other endeavors. Whether we are writing and publishing experiential education titles such as Open to Outcome and Springboard: Lessons that Launch Learning or developing innovative administrator training conferences, our goal is to become your resource for creating a positive campus climate as well as making the classroom a powerful and dynamic place for students to learn.

Furthering our reach in developing the skills and passion of young people to improve the world, we have also founded a non-profit organization, The Boomerang Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to igniting the power of young people to create a more compassionate world and achieve greater personal success through strong leadership and meaningful community service. We believe that middle and high school students can profoundly improve community conditions, and work together to make their own schools and neighborhoods safe.

Finally, in addition to working in the education field, Mary Beth Campbell, one of the founders of the Boomerang Project, in her usual entrepreneurial style has spun off to create another company called Boom Boom! Revolution. Mary Beth, after working with Link Crew and WEB for 15 years, realized that more than just high school and middle school students wanted to make the world a better place so she created Boom Boom! Cards so that more people could contribute.