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Class of 2020 Welcomed to AHS

by Dan Conradt -- ABC 6 News -- 09/01/2016

You remember the butterflies you felt when you were about to start high school … new building, new teachers, new classes, new classmates. But if there's a sure-fire way to calm the butterflies, this is it.

Link Crew students welcome incoming freshmen to Massena Central High School

by Bob Beckstead -- Watertown Daily Times -- 09/01/2016

When incoming freshmen arrived for their orientation Wednesday at Massena Central High School, they weren’t alone.

First day of school at Racine Unified

by Ricardo Torres -- The Journal Times -- 09/01/2016

“It’s nothing like I’ve ever been a part of before,” Senior Tyler Mann said of being a part of Link, which is a mentoring program. “It’s an all year thing ... we’re going to be doing this the rest of the year with the freshman making sure they stay on

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