Tips and Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation



Tips and Tools: The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation

Jen Stanchfield’s new book Tips & Tools: the Art of Experiential Group Facilitation, 2nd edition explores the facilitator’s role in groups of all kinds and offers creative tools and activities to enhance group experience. Tips & Tools serves as a guide and an inspiration for teachers and group facilitators looking to spark their creativity and enhance their own unique style.


Tips & Tools offers practical ideas and key ingredients for enhancing group facilitation including:


* Ideas for setting the tone and creating a positive environment for learning
* New twists on opening and closing activities
* Ways to facilitate ownership and involvement in the group experience
* Ideas for cultivating teachable moments throughout the learning experience
* Engaging processing tools and techniques
* Exploration of the role of a facilitator and the experiential approach to facilitation
* Techniques for becoming “participant centered” and empowering participants to take control of their learning
* Tools and tips for assessing groups and dealing with challenging group situations
* Activities to tie it all together and create meaning and opportunities for future learning


Whether you are new to facilitation or a seasoned veteran seeking inspiration, there is something in Tips & Tools for you.