Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1



Games (& other stuff) for Group, Book 1

by Chris Cavert MA & Friends

Includes 37 different activities, over 200 "What Would It Be Like...?" questions, 200 "Are You More Like...?" questions, Teaching Tales and Minute Mysteries to assist you in charging up your group. Activities focus on expressing emotions, learning names, effects of rumors, gender issues, trust, honor, following directions, creativity, frustration, communication, etc.

Chris Cavert MA & Friends: Cavert has been active with groups of all ages for over 22 years. He is known around the United States as a trainer and speaker in the area of Adventure Based Activity Programming and focuses on how activities within this field help to develop and enhance pro-social behaviors, especially with youth populations. Chris holds a Physical Education Teaching Degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and a Masters Degree in Experiential Education from Minnesota State University at Mankato, specializing in curriculum development.