Springboard: Quick Creative Activities To Launch Learning



Springboard: Quick Creative Activities To Launch Learning

by Mary Beth Campbell, Carolyn Hill & Micah Jacobson

Springboard is that perfect resource of activities you have been looking for! This easy-to-use reference is packed with over 50 fun and thought provoking activities for creating hands-on learning opportunities in any environment. Simple and straightforward directions and pictures will help you quickly comprehend and put into action this powerful springboard for learning.


"Finally a book that I can simply pick up and use! The activities are so effective that I use them every day to start my class." --Brian Riley, District Teacher of the Year, Vacaville High School, CA

"As a teacher, I appreciate that the authors understand the value and difference between real learning and an education. In a time where testing seems to be the focus and learning thrown on the back-burner, this is the type of book that needs to be in all educators hands, no matter what grade level they teach." --Krista Gypton, 2008 Arizona Ambassador for Excellence in Education

"This book will save me hours of preparation time with its easy-to-follow instructions and fun, entertaining and interesting ways to involve students! Learning activities with The 5 Questions help educators facilitate the discovery of meaningful insight for the students. Students get it so that the concepts stick in their minds. I am delighted with these activities; they are quick and easy to apply daily to any class." --Roberta Bittel, Coordinator of Student Activities Canandaigua Academy, Leadership Teacher and New York State 2009 Advisor of the Year"