Boom Boom! Cards: Family Edition



Boom Boom! Cards: Family Edition

Boom Boom! Cards Family Edition brings your family together to perform 26 acts of kindness. Once you’ve done a card, put a Boom Boom! sticker on the Command Central Activity Board to indicate that you’ve done it, post the story of what happened on the website, then pass the card on for someone else to do. Each card’s unique ID enables your family to follow the family deck cards you do on the website’s map and see where they end up! Included discussion cards inspire conversation about the whole experience with your children. Teach the values of compassion, kindness and community and have fun doing it!

Kit Includes:

  • 26 Boom Boom! Cards designed with children and families in mind
  • Boom Boom! sticky note pad
  • Command Central Activity Board to chart your progress
  • Boom Boom! Mission Accomplished Stickers
  • Talk About It! Discussion Cards
  • Handy carrying sack to keep the cards in
  • Blank Boom Boom! Cards for kids to create their own