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The buzz on Boomerang's Programs Link Crew & WEB

Link Crew News

‘A school within a school’ Freshman academy to help FD students make transition to high school level

by CHAD THOMPSON -- The Messenger -- 08/28/2017

Sure, the high school experience is in large part about students identifying and challenging their academic gait, but it’s also much more than that.

Wilton High launches new freshman transition program

by Kendra Baker -- Wilton Bulletin -- 08/25/2017

“By implementing Link Crew, we are hoping to reduce the stigma of how upperclassmen act towards incoming freshmen.”

Sedalia 200 administrators, staff, students pleased with start of school

by Hope Lecchi -- Sedalia Democrat -- 08/24/2017

A new program at the high school that may have had a role in the successful start and especially in the transition for S-C freshmen is the “Link Crew.”

WEB News

North Middle School's WEB program helps ease the transition to middle school.

by Deanne Haines -- Menomonee Falls Patch -- 03/09/2011

“Middle school sign-up is on Tuesday evening. I'm not sure I'm ready for this!”  That was the Facebook status of one of...

Warm welcome

by staff writer -- Fresno Bee -- 08/26/2008

Clovis Unified School District started the school year smoothly Monday with roughly 700 more students than...

Duluth Middle School Tests National Orientation Program

by Sarah Horner -- Duluth News-Tribune -- 08/04/2008

Sep. 6--Sixth-graders at Woodland Middle School won't be wasting time hunting through halls to find their lockers today.