Why WEB?

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"We are thrilled with the change in our school culture. Students are more respectable, kind, and well mannered. The 6th graders love the attention they get and appreciate all the help that the 8th graders give them on the first day and throughout the year. The WEB leaders have grown in confidence and maturity as they develop WEB activities, work with the sixth graders, and celebrate our school. They maintain an upbeat attitude about school and make a point of being respectful to everyone they come in contact with. Parents appreciate how the program helps their child transition successfully into the middle school, starting with the before school welcome phone call from the WEB leader. Teachers are also very supportive of the program because they too feel it has been extremely beneficial for the students and the culture of our school."
Cathy Eisenhauer, WEB Coordinator
South Milwaukee Middle School, South Milwaukee, WI

The transition to middle school is a significant event in the life of a young person, and yet very few substantial strategies for support exist in most middle schools. Because the move to middle school can be challenging and frightening, 6th graders often experience lowered academic achievement and difficult social adjustments. And, because 6th graders are often scared in the new environment of middle school, they can easily become the subject of bullying.

Middle schools don't have to just stand by and allow this rite of passage to happen to their 6th graders. You can with some strategic and intentional actions, put in place a structure where 6th graders get the necessary support to successfully navigate this transition and start their middle school experience on a positive note.

After watching this video, read more about the why transition matters, the effectiveness of WEB as the structure you need to support your incoming 6th graders and what educators are saying about WEB and the success it has created in their schools.