What educators are saying about WEB

We love it when our WEB Coordinators tell us about how the program is working and changing things for the good in their schools. Click on the links below to read testimonials from educators.

"The WEB program lit a fire on orientation day that has been burning strong all year! The fire has warmed the hearts of our sixth graders and infused positive energy into our school. We are forever changed."
Tara Wasilewski, Counselor
Starpoint Middle School, Lockport, NY

"The WEB program has been a wonderful addition to our school. Not only are the 5th graders excited about coming to school but the 8th graders love helping and hanging out with the younger students."
Lisa McClain, Counselor
Independence Middle School, Independence, OH

"After our first year of having WEB in place, the 6th graders were so comfortable with the building and were able to, at our family BBQ, provide information about their new school to their parents. In years prior, the kids were scared and parents were apprehensive…not with WEB!"
Ryan Kline, Counselor
Oxford Middle School, Oxford, MI

"I am blessed to have an 8th grade WEB Leader and a 5th grader new to this school. Even though I have known this school and how it works from my first child, on orientation day I knew things had changed. I dropped my child off to smiling faces and it began. WEB has had an amazing impact on both of my daughters."
Center Middle School, Boardman, OH

"WEB has provided a positive atmosphere in our building. 8th graders are excited and have embraced their leadership roles. WEB has become a great part of the culture of our school."
Erik Hanson, Counselor
Becker Middle School, Becker, MN

"In just the first month, WEB has changed the vibe on our campus. Everybody is more comfortable in their own skin and cool with each other."
Jeff Osberg, Teacher
Burlingame Intermediate School, Burlingame, CA

"WEB has given our students an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than themselves."
Gene Ward, Teacher
Washington Middle School, St. Paul, MN

"Last night at dinner my family was talking about world leaders and I realized I'm a leader! I'm a real leader of my school world"
8th grade WEB Leader
Churchville Middle School, Elmhurst, IL

"I had numerous teachers report back to me about how impressed they were with the 9th graders working with their 7th grade groups in classrooms before school started. They felt the 9th grade WEB Leaders had matured and grown up so much since the previous year -- they are the true leaders now on our campus."
Kerri Hogan, Teacher
Holmes Junior High School, Davis CA

"Our students finally have a comprehensive way to make a difference in their school. Now they know what pride in yourself and your school can feel like!"
Anne Muller, Teacher
Mendez Middle School, Austin, TX

"After orientation, several of our 5th graders said they didn't want to go home."
Nancy Wilson, Counselor
Smith Middle School, Vandalia, OH

"Our Assistant Principal asked kids going out the door after orientation how their day was and he got only positive responses from those who participated. Not a single negative comment!"
Susan Berg-Williams, Teacher
Cottage Grove Middle School, Cottage Grove, MN

"For the first time in my 11 years of practice as a school counselor I did not have any 6th graders in tears on the first day of school. Going through the 6th grade hallway I almost cried when I say 50 yellow WEB Leader shirts all helping 6th graders with their lockers."
Donna Wilson, Counselor
Tuttle Middle School, Crawfordville, IN

"My 7th grade teachers have already noticed that their first week of school ran a lot smoother with WEB. The new 7th graders were comfortable, focused and ready to go."
Jennifer Knox, Activities Director
Spring View Middle School, Rocklin, CA