Student Link Conference

Student Link Conferences are coming back in the fall of 2022! Please follow us on social media for info and updates in regards to specific dates and locations. 

Want to get updates directly from us? Or are you interested in hosting a future Student Link Conference at your school? Call 800.688.7578 or email and we'll get you on the list!

What is a Student Link Conference?

Student Link Conferences help Link Leaders from across the country to connect with one another and increase their leadership skills while engaging in play.  They are also a great way for Link Leaders to see that they are a part of a larger community that is focused on developing leadership and improving school culture.

Link Crew certified coordinators are invited to bring their Link Leaders to a celebratory half-day conference hosted by Boomerang Project in schools throughout the United States.  

Conference Details

  • The day will begin in the gym at 8:00 AM and end at 12:15 PM (unless otherwise noted - please look over your confirmation email carefully)
  • We will provide a snack at approximately 10:30 AM
  • Please have your Link Leaders wear their Link Crew T-shirts

A Boomerang Project Speaker will guide your leaders through a series of mixers and activities that will allow them to connect with Link Leaders from around their area.  The focus is to celebrate them for providing a powerful and positive experience for your incoming class. Your Leaders will also hear a keynote that will inspire them to return to school with an even greater concern for other students and campus culture. 

There will also be a session for coordinators to gather ideas from other schools participating in Link Crew.

What's the Day Look Like? 

Basic Conference Format

  • Welcome and Introductory Keynote with this year's theme
  • Playnote: Leaders engage with leaders, building leadership through play
  • Break Time! (This involves a snack, and often a spontaneous dance party!)
  • Skill Building: We work interactively with your leaders to build skills and awareness, helping them to become even better Link Leaders at your school. 
  • Swap Shop: We offer time and structure to have leaders share their best ideas with other leaders. Have them come prepared to share!
  • Closing Keynote: Our speakers will inspire your leaders to go back and make a HUGE difference at your school. Prepare to handle the motivation!